MOR Support Group Introductions

Soon to be filled by introductions by awesome folks!

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Hi there, I will introduce the LANL folks: Casey Armstrong, Brendan Reed, Rahul Somasundaram, and myself (Ingo Tews). We are nuclear theorists with the support of a space scientist :slight_smile: with a strong interest in astrophysics and want to use MOR methods to speed up several of our computational codes to prepare for the data-rich multimessenger era and next-generation gravitational wave detectors. We want to apply the methods to speed up both the calculations of the nuclear equation of state (emulation of quantum Monte Carlo codes) from theory as well as the astro data analysis (using the blackbox method to emulate TOV solvers).

We are happy to chat about any of these projects, or about life in general, sunny New Mexico, or whatever else comes to mind.


Hey all! I’m Kyle, a nuclear engineer at Michigan (and soon to be FRIB-er if I ever end up graduating :grimacing:). I’m especially interested right now in extending the reduced basis method to be able to handle wide parameter regions on non-affine manifolds. This means finding a way to stitch together many affine tangent spaces upon each of which we can locally project the system we want to solve. The practical application is emulating global optical potentials across the whole nuclear chart. Looking forward to seeing lots of new ideas and discussion!

p.s. if who will be at DNP next week? MOR meetup?! :partying_face:


Hello! My name is Megan Campbell, and I’m a high schooler in St. Louis. I want to study physics in college, and I love to code. I am learning about RBMs and how cool nuclear physics is. Right now I am working on rewriting/restructuring the first chapter of the book (the quantum harmonic oscillator), and learning a lot. If anybody ever has time to chat, I would love to hear all about your research!


Hey all, I am Sudhanva Lalit, a postdoc with Witek at FRIB. I am interested/working on problems related to (symbolic-) energy density functionals, reaction networks, equations of state for neutron stars, binary mergers and supernovae, Bayesian methods, and MOR with awesome people, namely, Alexandra, Amy, Hendrik, Kyle, Pablo, Rahul (Jain) and Witek.

I’m very happy to meet you all! Looking forward to great discussions, in and outside of physics.

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