About the MOR Support Group category

Hey Friends!

We created this space to foster discussions and collaboration between folks pursuing MOR adventures. Many of you came to the best summer school ever, or participated in the RBM+ journal club last year.

This space can be used by anyone, but will be especially useful for the following working group :

  • Megan, working on restructuring the Harmonic Oscillator chapter of the book.
  • George, going through the Harmonic Oscillator example first and then working on implementing error bounds (certified RBMs) for a test case.
  • Jacobs, working on comparing different reduced order models for the time dependent harmonic oscillator.
  • Ania, going through the Harmonic Oscillator example first and then, with Daniel, working on applying RBMs to fission.
  • Rishi, going through the Harmonic Oscillator example first and then working on the implementation of the Greedy Algorithm (Supplemental material of this paper).
  • Aaron, working on implementing Neural Implicit Flow to time dependent density functional theory.
  • Ruoyu and Simin, working on implementing RBMs for the Gamow Coupled Cluster method.
  • Rahul, Cassey and Ingo, working on implementing RBMs to Quantum Monte Carlo.
  • Kyle B, working on modifying and implementing ROSE for global optical potentials and fission evaporation.
  • Diogenes, working on the creation and application of the Black Box RBM.
  • Manuel, working on implementing RBMs to coupled channels in scattering (and also wandering a bit on the anomalies land…)
  • Brendan, working on implementing Black Box RBM to relativistic mean fields and neutron star properties.
  • Amy, Alexandra, and Sudhanva, working on applying Black Box RBM to the EOS and neutron stars.
  • Eric, working on implementing RBMs+ to tunneling problems.

If I forgot anyone (or more people join the group) I’ll edit the post to add them.

This might be a bit chaotic since it is a big group, but lets give it a try and see. Feel encouraged to create more focused “rooms” (topics) to have more focused discussions. The main idea is, you guessed, to foster collaborations!

You can start by introducing yourselves if you feel like it. You can also share your progress (nice SVD and CAT plots are always welcomed!), as well as ask questions or help. We strongly believe in open science (we are all rowing the same boat), but we respect the extend to which everyone feels comfortable sharing.

Finally, as usual, be super nice and respectful to each other :sparkling_heart:.

We will be checking and participating in this space as well,

Galerkin Team: Edgard, Kyle, and Pablo

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