Python code to access EXFOR data

Hey all, not sure if people are already aware of this, but stumbled across this code the other day: GitHub - afedynitch/x4i3: This is a fork of the x4i Python interface to the EXFOR database, originally developed at Lawrence Livermore National Security.

It is a python interface for pulling data from EXFOR, a large compendium of experimental data in nuclear physics. I wish I had known about this earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time!

In particular, they demonstrate its use to build an interactive chart of isotopes comparing cross section models and experiments for astrophysically relevant isotopes that was used in a nature paper: GitHub - afedynitch/EXFOR_chart: Interactive Python+matplotlib script to visualize data from the EXFOR database, evaluated nuclear models or precomputed Monte Carlo tables.

When I saw that, my mind went to BMEX/BREX. It would be cool to have a website where you could quickly compare reaction models, not just to each other, but to experimental data (where it’s available) as well!

This is EXACTLY what we want for BREX haha. Pinging @landonbuskirk so that he’s aware in case we start up the BREX development while he’s still around.

I know that it’s been a goal to revitalize EXFOR in recent years, I assume that would include more modern APIs. I will go to WANDA in Feb 2024, if I see the NNDC folks I’ll ask about the status of that