Logistics and planing

A space to post changes in schedules, office hours, and other logistic matters

Folks! Today Thursday June 22 there will be an awesome event at the lab:

I am taking everyone who comes in person to the class at 2:50 so we will end 40 minutes early (not at 3:30). We can recover the time later on the summer, but you can’t recover un-eaten ice cream :ice_cream:

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Awesome Ice cream time!

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Hey friends, today June 29th Pablo might be 5 mins late for Quantum Mechanics

Hey friends!

Tomorrow is one of the big holidays here in the US so we will not have our regular classical mechanics class. Hope you get the chance to go out, eat some good food, and relax with fireworks.

Later we will make a doodle poll to find a time to recover the class that we lost.

We will have regular office hours on Wednesday (on the email I said tomorrow because I was confused).

Have an awesome start of your week!


Tomorrow Wednesday July 12 I have a meeting at 2 pm with experimental friends, so we will move the office hours to 3 pm through Zoom.



Hey Friends!

Just found out my afternoon today is full with meetings. The time that I will be able to join the office hour is between 3:30 and 4:30. If you need help and you can’t make it at that time please send me an email and we can coordinate to meet tomorrow or Friday :slight_smile:


I have only from now to 4 pm, but I am already in Zoom :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Launch Meeting - Zoom (Passcode: 434887)

If you needed help and can’t make it, be sure to send me an email to schedule another time,


Hey friends, I am here in office hours in the actual room and the zoom one if anyone needs help today :slight_smile: .

Will leave around 2:20 if no one swings by,


Good morning friends!

Few changes for schedule this week:

  • Both Jeremiah and I got pulled to unavoidable meetings, so we will not be able to meet Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
  • Next meeting time will be Thursday at the regular hour. Jeremiah will bring Hamiltonians to play with you.
  • We will have the scheduled mock test next Monday and Tuesday.
  • I will be available to meet online during the weekend with anyone who needs help, just send me an email.

Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!