General Introductions!

A place to introduce yourself to everyone in the network. Feel encouraged to share your scientific and nonscientific interests to promote forming connections, as well as a picture of your pet companions if you have some!

Hi everyone!

Pablo Giuliani here! I am, together with Kyle, a member of the research community at FRIB (did my grad school at FSU and my undergrad at USB in Venezuela).

I am passionate about a lot of things in research including statistics, machine learning / dimensionality reduction, physics (nuclear and in general), and I always work in complementary teams with many folks. I am also super passionate about teaching and helping people realize their potential and thrive.

Beyond research, I also have many facets in my life that make me happy, including many friends (like Kyle, Edgard, and many of the folks in this forum), a loving dog and a half (see bellow), a grand piano at the lab, and lots and lots of food and coffee.

Doggies Dirac and Maxwell:

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