Fall 2023 Help Desk Announcements

Matt’s Tuesday hours will be pushed back to 3-6 pm. This is to accommodate the people who are taking stat mech.

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thanks Matt! You are awesome

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Thank you Matt!

I (Pablo) will be traveling to Los Alamos all next week (Sept 18-22). I will of course not be able to make it to my office hours on Monday and Friday, but I can be contacted by email and we can meet through Zoom :slight_smile:

Just so everybody who’s new here knows, this forum supports \LaTeX by placing your math expression between single dollar signs (double dollar signs don’t work).

\LaTeX \LaTeX \LaTeX \LaTeX \LaTeX

Although he will be available over the internet, since Pablo is out of town this week, I will be holding extra help hours on Friday, Sept. 22 from around 12:30-3:00 pm.

Thank you Matt for having hold extra office hours!

Friends, since I am organizing an event on FRIB today in the afternoon I will not be able to come to office hours. Apologies for the short notice, you can of course email me with questions and I will be able to help during the weekend if any of you awesome people have urgent questions before Monday :slight_smile:

Hey Friends!

I might be half hour late today and arrive around 4 pm at my office hours :slight_smile:


False alarm, I am here now at the graduate student lounge :partying_face:

I am running behind today (Oct. 10) and should be in the grad student lounge by 3:15.

Good morning friends!

I will be 40 minutes late to my office hours today at the student lounge (shall arrive around 4:10 instead of 3:30). The reason is an important meeting at FRIB to discuss with people how to make this an even better environment for us all :slight_smile:


I have to cancel my hours for today (Oct. 17). I apologize for any inconvenience. I will try to make up today’s hours later this week (or possibly even in a future week if it’s particularly busy and extra help is more valuable then).

Hi everyone, I have to cancel my help hours today as well (sorry for not announcing this before they were supposed to start). To make up for cancelations this week, I will hold additional hours tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 20) from 1-4 pm.


Good afternoon good friends!

I will be gone until Sunday for the SACNAS conference, so I will not be able to come to office hours on Friday. But I am contactable by email if any of you need any help, and we could try to meet very early in the mornings if you need to chat through Zoom.

Best of luck to everyone this week!


Hello friends!

Today I will come earlier (3 pm) to my office hours and will have to leave by 3:50 to attend a back-pain doctors appointment :slight_smile:

Of course you can send me emails to meet later in the week if you need more help.

See you there!


Hey friends!

Apologies for the short notice, but I will not be able to make it to today’s help desk session because of bad back pain (seems to be a theme in my life …)

Hope you all are doing ok,


Good afternoon friends!

I WILL be today at my office hours, but I will arrive a bit late around 4 pm since I will be presenting a poster at this machine learning event at MSU: AI Networking Event and Poster Session | Office of Research and Innovation

Come in if you are interested in these topics, it looks like a lot of fun!


Good morning friends!

Today I have a meeting I can’t move at 4 pm. I will try my best to be at the student lounge a bit early (maybe 3:15 if I am lucky) and if the meeting does not extend too long I’ll come back after it and can stay until 5:30.

Folks taking Stat Mech, we do have our regular meeting time today at 1 pm, hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Have a fantastic Monday all!


Hi everybody,

I am moving my hours for this Wednesday to 12:00-1:30 pm. This might extend past 1:30 depending on whether I am needed in math methods after this time, but I will be leaving BPS entirely by 2:40 pm.

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I am running late today but can stay later to make up for that and for my shortened hours tomorrow