Dimensionality Reduction Book Discussions

Space to discuss and coordinate progress on the writing of the “Dimensionality Reduction in Nuclear Physics” Jupyter book: https://dr.ascsn.net/

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Current ongoing efforts:

  • Megan Campbell (@MJC18050): Re-work chapter 1 “The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator”

  • Rishi Pathak (@RishiPathak) + Eric Flynn (@eflynn): Create chapter on the Greedy Algorithm for selecting training points

  • Diogenes Figueroa (@diogenes1991): Chapter 5 “Black box methods”

  • Kyle Beyer (@KyleB) and Simone Perrotta (@Simone): Chapter on coupled-channels

If you are working on anything for the book and are not listed here, please let me or @kyle know!

You can also (maybe) edit this post directly if you have made a few posts before. If not, post a reply so we can get it working.

Hey Pablo!

@Simone and I have been working on an RBM for a simple coupled-channels scattering problem. We’ve both been busy so haven’t made much progress recently, but I’d like to add a chapter for it once we have something nice!

That sounds AWESOME!

No hurries of course, Kyle and I have been super busy so we haven’t sit down yet to read contributions in detail. Very much looking forward to it, it will probably be a part of the dimensionality reduction book as well, and it will serve as the first steps to introduce coupled-channels to ROSE :slight_smile:

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