2024 Coming up to speed summer course introductions!

Hello! Welcome to the online space for all of our coming up to speed summer course needs. This is a space for everyone to write some introductions before the course actually starts to get the ball rolling on socialization efforts and creating a team!

I am Pablo Giuliani and I’ll be part of the team that will go on this journey with y’all during this summer. I am super into cool physics and math topics, with machine learning and statistics sparkling everything. I like running with my doggie Dirac (see picture), eating a lot of good food with friends, playing piano, and starting reading Dune but never finishing it.

Super excited to meet you all!

Hello, my name is Josh!

I am super excited to get going on work at MSU and living in Michigan. I currently live in Texas and I am hating the heat. When I’m not cooking in the Texas sun or working on Physics things I like to play video games, watch tv shows and movies, read, go on walks (when the weather is nice), and drinking tea - Some friends of mine are teaching me how to make cha at the moment.

I like most things math and physics related but recently I have gotten an interest in nuclear physics, machine learning, and differential geometry.

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I am Jeremiah and I will also be assisting with the course. I am about to start my 5th year and my research areas are in quantum information and topological condensed matter. My advisor is Ryan LaRose of CMSE.

As for my hobbies, I’m mainly into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, videogames (League of Legends, Rocket League, Old School RuneScape etc), and my what is now becoming a homestead.

Some of you I have likely already met during the virtual visit, but I look forward to meeting the rest of you!


Hey all! I’m Kyle, a postdoc at MSU. I’m into many-body quantum theory - especially nuclear reaction theory, as well as differential equations and numerical methods. I also dabble in radiation transport and other fun things. I’m especially interested in using software to make our lives as physicists easier (and not harder, as sometimes is the case).

Outside of work I like to get outside as much as I can. I’m currently training for an ultra marathon!

Here’s a picture of my dog, Emmy (named after Emmy Noether)

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Hi everyone! I’m Josh, a 6th year grad student at MSU. My research is in nuclear (many-body) structure theory for light exotic nuclei, but I also have quite a bit of work in community engagement / outreach! I’m really into education too and am focused on trying to make physics a bit more barrier-free and accessible for students.

As for hobbies, I like rock climbing (but East Lansing doesn’t have any gyms which is sad), am trying to get into running, cook, and bake! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets but here’s a cake I made:

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Hey everyone! My name is Frank and I’m a rising 3rd year graduate student here at MSU. I am studying physics education, specifically peer mentor programs for undergraduate transfer students. I am particularly interested in making this summer course and physics as a whole exciting, engaging, and accessible.

Outside of work, I love games and sports (despite my skill level). This incudes pickleball, badminton, running, board games, video games, soccer, etc…

And here are pictures of my dog Archie, and my cat Gnocchi.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Daniel, and - believe it or not - I’m also helping out with the course :). I’m a 5th-year PhD student working on theoretical nuclear fission calculations with Witek Nazarewicz.

In my free time, I like to read a lot (mostly sci-fi/fantasy) and play videogames (mainly Civilization 6, honestly). I’m also slowly but surely learning to play the guitar.

I’m looking forward to helping out with the course this summer!

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Hi all,

'm Aaron, an undergraduate student in the Nazarewicz group. Outside of physics, math, and computer science, I enjoy reading, watching movies, playing soccer, running, and playing the piano (badly :)). Like Pablo, I too never finished the Dune trilogy the first time through but I am ALSO working through it currently. Very excited for the course!