2023 FRIB-TA Participant Introductions!

@Alexandra I did not know about Beach House. Listening to their album Depression Cherry right now. Pretty awesome.

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Wow! Such a vast music library! I’m excited to start listening!

I like them very much~

“Once Twice Melody” Beach House album is amazing, highly recommend. I listen to it a lot when driving to your farm actually, they’re both such relaxing experiences :grin:

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Here’s your pictures Pablo!


OK! I’m driving to Minnesota 10 hours through the Michigan U.P. on Friday. Guess what’s on my listening list @Alexandra ! For those of y’all not familiar with Michigan geography, “U.P.” does not mean ‘up’ but rather ‘Upper Peninsula’. You are currently enjoying a summer school in Michigan’s LP, meaning not ‘long play’ but Lower Peninsula. The two peninsulas are joined by the famed Mackinac Bridge, over the very scenic Straits of Mackinac (pronounced MAC-in-awe.) You can find out more about the history of the straits of Mackinac here: Why It's Pronounced “MACK-in-awe” – Mackinac Island