2023 FRIB-TA Participant Introductions!

Hello Everyone,

I am a physicist from Florida State University! I do research on particle physics, my main focus is on higher order corrections to standard model processes. I’m interested in finding possible ways to utilize RB in my research projects.

Besides physics I like math in general and I am always studying some new area I just discovered, I also like video games, and watching anime.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Everyone,

I am Sudhanva Lalit. I am a postdoc at FRIB, Michigan State university. My main focus of research is reaction networks, nuclear equations of state for neutron stars, binary mergers and supernovae.

I like playing sports, mainly soccer, table tennis, volleyball. I also play video games, watch anime, and listen to music.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone! I’m Jason Bub, a PhD candidate at Washington University in St. Louis. The focus of my work is UQ for nuclear models derived from effective field theory. So far, this has mainly taken the form of building a computational framework for Bayesian model calibration, with work on emulators on the horizon. The end goal of our program at WashU is to have a robust, model-mixed EFT interaction with responsible UQ for use in quantum Monte Carlo methods for nuclear structure and reactions.

Outside of research, I am an amateur artist, and I love climbing, playing piano, and have recently picked up classical guitar.

I look forward to meeting all of you/seeing some of you again!


Hi all!

My name is Andrius Burnelis, and I am entering my third year of my PhD at Ohio University. Since I have only been doing research for a year, I have not officially joined a collaboration yet. So far, my focus has been analysis of low energy scattering data for the 3He-alpha reaction.

Outside of breaking my code, I enjoy playing Minecraft and other video games.

See you all soon!

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Hello Everyone,

I am Rahul Jain, a PhD student at Michigan State University and FRIB, looking to graduate soonish. I like to work on many different aspects of nuclear astrophysics including nuclear experiments, nucleosynthesis calculations, and statistical analysis of nuclear data.

Outside of work, I spend almost all of my time playing squash and training for tournaments. Last year I finished on the podium at the US National Squash Championships! I am very fond of cooking, mostly Indian food but keep experimenting with the fusion of different cuisines. I also love traveling and exploring new places.

Excited to meet you all next week!


Hello, everyone,

I’m Josh Maldonado, a physics graduate student who is relatively new to my research with model order reduction and emulators in nuclear physics.
I like to spend my time baking, playing board games, or playing video games.

I’m excited to meet everyone!


Hi all,

I’m Daniel Lay, a PhD student at MSU/FRIB. I work in computational nuclear physics (specifically, nuclear density functional theory, or DFT), with an eye towards developing emulators to speed up DFT calculations. Outside of research, I spend time playing video games (I play a lot of Civ 6), reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, and listening to metal music.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Hello everyone,

I am Youssef Hakiki, a PhD student in Probability theory at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco. My research focus on studying potential theory and path properties of stochastic Gaussian processes. It’s a kind of studying the roughness/irregularity of these processes using some fractal geometry tools.

I studied Bayesian statistics in my Master degree. But I never had the chance to see how it can be applied to quantify the uncertainty in nuclear models and other models. So I am excited to participate to this summer school!

Other than mathematics, I like hiking, swimming, cooking (I am good cook, I can cook a very good moroccan Tagine :yum:) and singing (I love the classical Arabic poetry songs in general and the islamic poetry songs in particular, By the way, I can carry a tune :smiley:).

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello everyone!

My name is Aaron and I am a 2nd year undergraduate at MSU. I am a student of Pablo and Kyle’s alongside Landon.

I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico and like many others there, I enjoy a lot of math, physics, and outdoor activities. Specifically, I am interested in atomic/nuclear physics problems and using high performance computing to solve them. Although I am unable to attend the Summer School in-person this year as I am in Miami for the summer, I look forward to learning alongside you all!

In my personal time, I enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, reading, and generally exploring the areas around me.


Hi everyone,

My name is Danny and I’m a physics graduate student at MSU/FRIB. My research is in computational nuclear physics, which includes machine learning and quantum computing.

I have a flame point siamese named Ori.


I’m Patrick and I’m a 4th year PhD candidate at FRIB/MSU in Nuclear Theory. My expertise is in computational physics, dubiously useful programming, and dimensionality reduction. I’m working with Danny Jammooa currently on some exciting research in model emulators.

I have two cats Mochi and Sophie, and my phone has around 30k pictures of them.


Cute cats! OK, now I have to post a couple pics of my new lambs.


Hi, I’m Amy Anderson from FSU. I like 3D printing, astrophysics, and dragons. More importantly, my cat’s name is Sunshine.


Hi everyone! I’m Ruoyu Cheng, a graduate student from Fudan University in China. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this summer school in person and participate in the exciting projects with all of you. However, I’m still eager to join the online sessions whenever available.

I am currently working on projects related to RBM. My interests span various fields of physics, including nuclear open quantum systems, astrophysics, and biophysics, particularly in relation to neural sciences. I am also fascinated by disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, and history, thanks to the thought-provoking lectures delivered by the exceptional humanities and social sciences professors at my university.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and watching movies. Lately, my AirPods have been playing a lot of David Bowie and Joy Division, and I recently finished watching the first two seasons of Black Mirror, which I found captivating. I also have a keen interest in exploring new things, whether it’s immersing myself in different cultures, experimenting with cooking, or occasionally playing badminton.

I look forward to meeting you in person in the future!

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Nice selections! Do you have some preferred era of Bowie? You’d probably like Cocteau Twins as well, we’ve been chatting about them a bit in this thread :smiley: . Heaven or Las Vegas is a great album all the way through.

SIGGRAPH is awesome! I don’t follow the detailed program at the yearly meetings but I like learning about new rendering techniques, both baked and real-time. I wish I had the skills to apply those techniques to my colliding nuclei :sweat_smile:

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In fact, I’ve been captivated by certain individual songs by Bowie, such as “Blackstar,” “Life on Mars,” and “Space Oddity.” Each time I listen to his music, I feel a tremendous sense of encouragement and support. However, I realize that I need to spend more time getting to know him as an artist, even though I may not have an in-depth understanding of his life.

Regarding Cocteau Twins, I have heard their music before, and it’s exactly the type of music I enjoy!!! It’s a voice from sky. I believe it’s time for me to listen to more of their songs and delve deeper into their discography!

From the Cocteau Twins, I can also recommend their albums Blue Bell Knoll, Victorialand (where there are only two band members, amazingly), and Treasure. S0ngs i cant get out of my head include Carolyn’s Fingers, A Kissed out Red Floatboat, Cico Buff, Lazy Calm, Beatrix, and Persephone. The video for Persephone features a young Drew Barrymore.

Victorialand is amazing, I love the softer/more ambient sound! Really the genesis of some shoegaze and post rock textures

@frederi OK, I have to ask cause “shoegaze” came up—what about Beach House?