Let's get started with: Introductions!

Welcome everyone! In order to help foster connections for this short summer course (that will hopefully continue into the semester!), feel free to respond to this topic with a short introduction that contains anything you might want people to know. I’ll start:

Hello! My name is Kyle Godbey and I am a member of the Research Faculty at FRIB studying time-dependent dynamics of atomic nuclei. I grew up in a small-ish town in Kentucky but I’ve traveled around a bit since then. I have wayyyy too many hobbies, but in general I love media and art in all its forms and always love to receive recommendations whether it’s music, movies, or some other media.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Welcome everyone! My name is Jeremiah Rowland and I will be assisting with this summer course. I am a 3rd year graduate student and am working with Ryan LaRose on quantum information simulating topological phase transitions. I am excited to be involved in this summer course to help provide a fellow student’s perspective on prep for CM and QM. I look forward to getting to work with you all and I hope you’re having a nice summer :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,
My name is Gabe Grauvogel (last name literally translates to gray bird in english), and I’m looking forward to strengthening my foundation for the upcoming classes! I’m currently working in the Gamma Group with Prof. Alexandra Gade, picking up on a project currently called Scibar (building a certain kind of detector with Silicon PMTs). My dad was Airforce growing up, so I come from a lot of places: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Washington D.C/Virginia. I did my undergrad at George Washington University in downtown Washington D.C…

As for things I do outside of physics there’s a lot of them. I’m a percussionist and a composer, have dabbled in traditional medium art, can speak OK German (looking to freshen up on it while I’m here!), I listen to music so often that I have a camel hump on the top of my head where my headphones rest, my workouts of choice are swimming and cycling, I play a good bit of video games (specifically rhythm games), and watch/read a good amount of anime/manga.

I’m looking forward to studying with you all!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Pablo Giuliani and I am, together with Kyle, a member of the research community at FRIB. I am passionate about a lot of things in research including statistics, machine learning, physics (nuclear and in general), and I usually work in complementary teams with many folks. I am also super passionate about teaching and helping people realize their potential and thrive (hence the name of this course :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Beyond research, I also have many facets in my life that make me happy, including many friends (like Kyle), a loving dog and a half, a grand piano at the lab, and lots and lots of food and coffee. Currently obsessed with this music band: Rura - Topic - YouTube.

Hope we have a fantastic summer studying and playing together!

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Hi everyone, My name is Frank Dachille and I have just finished my first year. I am taking this course to brush up on my math skills as well as to gain deeper or different understandings of QM. My field is Physics Education Research and this summer I am working on designing and setting up a Peer mentoring program for Transfer students.

Outside of academics, I am pretty active as a runner, badminton player, and paddleboarder, (plus a few other activities). I also enjoy a few video games, board games, and taking some nice walks :slight_smile:

I am interested in learning and how people learn as well as getting to understand people’s interests and how they succeed in them!

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Hi everyone, My name is Ben Clark. I am from Mississippi and a graduate of the other MSU (Mississippi State University). I am interested in theoretical nuclear physics, quantum information science, and the things that each of those fields could offer each other. Outside of physics, I like to be outside and I really enjoy reading and music. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, weightlifting, playing ultimate frisbee, or anything that can get me up from my desk after doing physics all day lol. I mostly read philosophy and theology books, but I will occasionally read some fiction. I play guitar and drums and my all time favorite musical artists are probably Kendrick Lamar, Jacob Collier, and Tyler The Creator.

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Hello everyone, my name is Ethan Schieb and I am an incoming student from Ohio State. I am interested in nuclear physics and will be starting to work with Dr. Hiro Iwasaki next week. Outside school, I enjoy playing/ watching ice hockey, playing with puzzles (like the rubik’s cube), video games (mostly Minecraft), and board games. I also enjoy listening to music (pop or country mostly) and watching dystopian shows/movies.

I am looking forward to my time at MSU and making new friendships!

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